How Posture Affects Our Daily Life [Importance Of Good Posture]


How Posture Affects Our Daily Life

On some level, we all know how important posture is and how How Posture Affects Our Daily Life. If you have ever participated in any activity that requires good posture such as dancing or playing any musical instrument, you know very well how much better you feel when your spine is straight, your shoulders are back, and your eyes face forward.

Although we all know how positively good posture can affect our lives in physical, mental, and emotional terms. Still, we are all guilty of slouching into our work chair or couch. We all at many points let our spine and shoulder curve into unnatural positions.

How did our posture keep on getting bad? Well, the luxury items and technology has a lot to do with it. However, a human body is not designed for so much sitting. Still, we have developed a lifestyle that involves hours at a desk working on computers or sitting in front of a TV.

Some important cures to the bad posture like standing and walking that used to be a large part of our lives are now getting out of our culture with time.

Perhaps, another reason is that we don’t really know the true negative and positive effects of posture. Because if people knew the power of sitting up straight and good posture, their attitude towards slouching will surely tend to change.

So to help you get a little knowledge, below we will tell you How Posture Affects Our Daily Life in both positive as well as negative ways. A few points will surely fire ways to get your alignment back. now let’s just move further and take a look at How Posture Affects Our Daily Life.

How Posture Affects Our Daily Life [Effects Of Good Body Posture]

Importance Of Good Posture

Elicit Positive Memories

According to some studies, we tend to think more positively when we sit or stand up straight. Those sitting and standing it good body posture in one particular experiment were more likely to remember positive memories. They were thinking about something positive in general. It is quite clear that good body posture will elicit some positive memories for sure.

Protect organs

When you slouch, there is a possibility that your vital organs can become squished. Good posture helps to keep your organs in the right position as well as allow them to work in a lot better and more efficient manner. So, good posture is a piece of good news for all your body organs as well.

Encourage Decision Making

Some of the researchers from Columbia and Harward universities have found that a powerful body language such as upright body posture, affects decision making a lot. It is also found in one of the studies that all those on powerful poses not only feel they are more in control, but it is also said that around 45% of them are more likely to take a risky bet. No wonder, if you see any big entrepreneur, you will never notice them slouching as they walk, stand, or sit. So yeah, good body posture also allows you to take some good decisions too.

Support Nervous System

A study has concluded that poor posture is more likely to affect our nervous system in a very adverse manner. Whereas, if you possess good body posture, it could help your nervous system to work in a lot more effective manner. Which is why our posture could affect everything including our bodily functions. Whether it is about digestion, breathing, or joints. Good body posture has an effect on every part of our body including our moods.

Improve Energy Level

Some studies have also shown that a slow, slumped walk can drain us out of energy. While on the other hand, skipping significantly increases the energy level. Skipping allows you to move and strengthen your spine so that you can jump. Therefore, it could be better if you try skipping back to the office right after your lunch break, to help you get a much-needed energy boost. So next time before complaining about your energy level. It would be a lot better to try some skipping. Or simply improving your posture as it is the key to better and continuous skipping.

Align bones, Ligaments & Muscles

How often do you feel any kind of pain in your lower back, shoulder, neck, or wrist? Well, it is not a big problem until it occurs after every time you sit for a long time. Good posture as well as frequently moving as well as standing can help greatly in relieving some of these common pain points.

Hormone effects

A study from Harvard has also shown that all those in powerful poses had a 20% increase in testosterone levels. As well as a 20% decrease in cortisol levels. Why care? because high testosterone and low cortisol have constantly been linked to diseases resistance as well as leadership abilities. Whereas, on the other hand, all those with bad posture has received the opposite effects of the same.

The Final Thoughts

So, a good posture is not only better for your health, it is even a better thing for your whole life. Adopt these simple habits and you will notice some great changes in your whole life today. No wonder, a good posture is such a blessing for everyone.

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